An invitation from  the Patient Engagement Team, NHS South Warwickshire - Wednesday 14 March, Lomas Suite, Stratford Hospital - Contact 01926 353810

A435 Traffic Consultation

Have your say on the traffic situation on the A435 and surrounding areas. Consultation ends on March 19th. Send your comments to nickdauncey@warwickshire.gov.uk

Temporary Road Closure - Coughton Fields Lane (Kinwarton side) 29Jan - 9Feb 2018

Click here for details

Computers for Rural People

Anyone who works or lives in a Rural Area who needs a laptop or PC can purchase a fully refurbished one, at very reasonable prices, through the Arthur Rank Centre charity.  Click here for details. 

UBUS ring and ride community transport service

Coughton:  9:30am and 2:30pm Mon – Friday

Collection from your door, drop off at your destination, pick up again at the agreed point and drop off back at home. 

Drivers can assist on & off & with up to 3 shopping bags, trolley or wheelchair

Prices £2.10-£3.40 single/ £4.20-£6.80 return (depending on location)

Must book in advance (up to seven days)

Visit friends, attend social groups, leisure activities or go shopping (but not for medical appointments).

Call 01789 264491 to register

More information:  Marie Darwen, Stratford District Council 01789 260108

Introducing Your NEW PARISH COUNCILLOR:  Lynne Stanton was co-opted to Coughton Parish Council at its meeting on Weds 20th September.

Have Your Say - Home to school Transport Consultation  

WCC is considering changes to Home to School Transport. Parents/carers, children and young people, professionals and members of the public are asked to comment on the proposals. Click here to read more &/or give an opinion

WCC LOCAL FLOOD RELIEF funding:  individuals may qualify for for grant support for flood defences.  Applications must be through the Parish Council: contact the Clerk to apply.

WCC Launch Warwickshire's Carers Wellbeing Service

"accessible to carers from 1st June 2017. The service will work in partnership with the main health and social care facilities across Warwickshire, in particular GPs’ practices; and  will operate a locality based approach with a lead Carer Wellbeing Worker allocated to defined localities across Warwickshire."

Click here for more information or visit: www.warwickshire.gov.uk/adultcarersstrategy

Small Charities & Community Groups Funding Opportunities

A list of providers ( including Coughton Parish Council) of potential funding  available for community projects, is now available from the Clerk.

Warwickshire Local Welfare Scheme - Do you need help?

  • Unavoidable crisis? Essential help for food and energy
  • More long term needs? Help in furnishing accommodation

Leanne Silverwood 0800 408 1448 or 01926 359182 - Or email: warwickshirelocalwelfarescheme@warwickshire.gov.uk.

Warwickshire Information and Advice survey

Warwickshire County Council is developing a directory of services for the county and they are consulting over what is a good structure for the directory.  To review examples of similar online directories and give your feedback, visit:


Opportunity for Affordable Housing Development Site

A site may become avilable for three to four units of affordable housing in the village, that could meet our identified needs of small scale housing.  The parish  council have agreed to pursue the implications of this, subject to covenants that exist.  At this stage, it is NOT a planning application, but an opportunity to look at what it may offer to the village.  It would allow us have a say in how it would look and how it may benefit future generations.  If a scheme does go ahead it will still require formal planning permission, must involve public consultation, and be administered under the strict rules of the Rural Housing Scheme.  For instance, all future relettings could only be in favour of meeting local needs.

The location has been identified in Coughton Lane.  If you would like further details, please contact John Gittins.

The Rickyard Development

The National Trust's have lost their appeal against the refusal for planning permission on this site for the construction of a 5 bedroomed house.  We have no information yet on what their future proposals for this area may be.

The perils of driving through a ford




Notices for residents can be placed here, by sending a request to the Clerk via the contact page.

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